Michalopoulos Bio

After graduation from Bowdoin College in 1974, Michalopoulos went on to study art at New Orleans Academy of Fine Art and the University of New Orleans.
After a period selling his works on the streets of New Orleans, Michalopoulos’ reputation began to grow along with the interest in his signature style. The distinctive and much copied movements in Michalopoulos’ work speak musically of his subject. His works seem to illuminate the spirit of the subject. The inherent dance of matter is revealed.
As Art Director for House of Blues Television Productions and ABC In Concert, Michalopoulos was empowered to make large graphical expressions on stage. The fresh intensity of these works enlivened television music production and remain influential to this day. But Hollywood had no hold on Michalopoulos.
Set production was to take a backseat to painting.  While principally known for his architectural style, Michalopoulos also paints people. His subjects are varied with beautiful women a constant. The strength of these images led the Jazz & Heritage Foundation to commission five New Orleans Jazz Fest posters, one of which is the largest selling poster in Jazz Fest history.
Perhaps because Michalopoulos lives on Frenchmen Street everything he does is musical.  The rhythms continue in his large-scale sculptures visible at the Michalopoulos studio. These fascinating and highly original works demonstrate a standout creativity. The soaring volumes and shapes speak to nature. An abstraction of nature; a distillation of the essential. These works excite.
Their unbridled fecundity speaks of genetics. This is genetics and birth; the riot of biology. The forms, colors and shapes collide, cascade and soar. We are drawn into this web of works. Complexity welcomed by the vitality of these forms. This truly original art inspire and reflect a timely celebration of nature.
Currently Michalopoulos maintains studios in New Orleans and the south of France.   He owns galleries in New Orleans, San Francisco and France.   His sculptures are visible at Sculptalopoulos and at Chateau D’Ouilly in France.